My Deferred Devotion

Over the last year or so I have put the blog on the shelf for many reasons–for friend-making, for exploring, for love–but absolutely not for anything to do with my feelings about food.

In fact, some of my most treasured new friends love and respect food just as much as I do. The process, the creative discovery, the reverence; they just get it. Some of them even love to photograph food as much as I do. Talk about great friends to have!

Throughout this exciting journey of living in New Zealand I have struggled with how my new experiences, how the new me gets expressed in this space. And instead of exploring it in public, with you, I felt like I needed to sort it all out alone. I don’t think I even knew enough myself to put it into words. And so I’ve kept quiet, watching from the sidelines, waiting to jump back in but just not knowing how or what to say.

I’ve realised that like everything in life, this blog is a process. A process I have to muddle through slowly to get it to where I want it to be. That this process will be more successful, and much more fun, with you along for the ride. Besides, with something like this you can never really plan the whole thing from start to finish. You can have a vision, you must have passion, and then you just have to get started and see where you end up.

So here we go again…I can’t tell you how I’ve missed you!

I pledge to no longer worry about how or even if I will full explain my absence, or whether I even need to. I love creating with food and I love talking about it with you, simple as that. The way I do things here may change, hopefully they’ll evolve, but that’s life. So let’s get back to it, shall we?

What have you been up to? I’d love to catch up with you again.


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  • Welcome back!

    • Thanks, Raj! Happy New Year! What are you into foodwise this year? I have been seeing a lot of beer I believe?
      Melanie recently posted..My Deferred DevotionMy Profile

  • So awesome to see you blogging again. A pause or a break is completely understandable and sometimes good for the soul 🙂 I’ve been … er… taking a break as well?
    Ehren recently posted..Highlights from a westbound Journey to WyomingMy Profile

    • Thanks Ehren. And thanks for reading! I definitely have to catch up on your blogging. And drop me a line–I must hear about your latest adventure plans:D


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