Nutella and Cheese Toasty for World Nutella Day 2013!

My contribution to World Nutella Day is definitely more modest than last year’s effort. But it’s a fun and easy way to enjoy Nutella, wherever you are, and maybe in a way you haven’t tried before.


Heavily influenced by a certain Nutellza (Nutella and blue cheese pizza, in its simplest form) once you try this sandwich you’ll wonder how you never have before.


Bread (multigrain–gotta squeeze in some goodness somewhere), Tasty cheese, the Aussie/Kiwi version of cheddar, and a healthy swath of sweet, creamy hazelnut spread. Luckily my temporary home has a sandwich press but if you don’t, simple fry it up in a pan. It’s like grilled cheese only Nigella-ified.

Nutella Spread

No wait–it’s Nutella–ified:)


If you’ve already had dinner tonight and still want to get in on World Nutella Day, why not replace the cheese with peanut butter? Or marshmallows? Or raspberry jam? The opportunities are endless, both fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you want to look at it.


Either way, get that coveted jar out of the cupboard and dig in, even if it’s just with a spoon (or your fingers:)

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  • Some of the most simple pairings make the most delicious meals! I need to get out my panini press to try this. Love the other options you mentioned (probably because I adore raspberry jam!).
    Allison @ Main St. Cuisine recently posted..Monkey BreadMy Profile

    • Same. My mum makes homemade raspberry jam almost every year and I love to have it on homemade scones. YUM! As for sandwiches, anything Panini pressed is so much better than a regular sandwich. I too need to use mine more.

  • What a delicious addictive nutella day snack 😀

    Choc Chip Uru
    CCU recently posted..World Nutella Day 2013My Profile

  • Nutella and cheese? Never tried it before, sounds like an odd combination, but it looks delicious! Will make one for my breakfast tomorrow x
    Agness recently posted..Culinary Journey Around South-East Asia in PicturesMy Profile

    • Did you end up giving it a go? I know, it sounds totally weird, but like other savoury and sweet combos, it’s definitely a treat for the taste buds:)

  • Never tried this combination before. Personally i think every day should be World Nutella Day!
    Cristina recently posted..Frankfurt’s KleinmarkthalleMy Profile

    • Oh I highly recommend it. Make sure you choose as strong flavoured a cheese as you can stand, it just adds to the contrast. I’ve tried it with blue cheese and it’s amazing.

  • OMG. That looks delicious! Putting that on the recipe list.

  • Mel, so glad you’re still Devoted. MAJOR love the Nutella cheesy combo–sad I can’t get my hands on some “tasty” cheese though.

    • That’s the thing about food devotion…it lasts a lifetime:) Glad you’re still along for the ride! And never fear, Tasty cheese is just a creepy, misleading way of saying Cheddar. Now heat up that sandwich press and start making those gooey treats.

    • Jennifer so glad you’re keeping me honest:) And sorry for the really slow response time. “Tasty” cheese is just cheddar. Something nice and strong. Now go forth and make yourself a delicious Nutella and cheese toasty and report back.


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