The 70s!

My passport is currently being updated, so I am unable to venture very far. Ah, who am I kidding? Even if my passport was in my wallet, I am putting travel on hold for a few more months at least. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take my tastebuds on a trip. And this week, it’s a trip through time!

I swear I’m not a nerd. I’m not into Star Trek or video games. I would never go to ComicCon. But I have my fair share of nerdy friends. And I love them. All are welcome here:)

No, where I’d like to go this Travel Tuesday is the 1970s! The decade of my birth, the unmistakable style that stretched through the early 80s when I was still young but remember it well–the tupperware jello moulds, Tops ‘n Trends velour jumpsuits our Mums used to wear, t-shirts will iron on designs…

And tuna noodle casserole!

When else are you allowed, as a child, to have potato chips in your dinner? Certainly not in my house. Except when tuna casserole was on the menu. Ah…good times.

The soft noodles, meaty tuna, bright green peas (or broccoli–a nice alternative). What about the creamy soup sauce with those big chunks of mushroom, my fave! and of course, the chips on top–crispy with select bits soggy from the soup. Who came up with this recipe in the first place? Genius!

Oh dear. I’ve just consulted Wikipedia–the definitive information source on the ‘net (right Nick?) and it turns out Tuna Casserole first came out of the oven in the 50s…Well…thanks to Grandma for passing it down? Or Mum’s home Ec teacher?

I guess it doesn’t really matter. This meal is awesome. It tastes great, it’s cheap to make, it’s a fairly balanced meal, and it reminds me of my childhood. I think the memories of it mixed together with the rest of the ingredients make it even more enjoyable now than when I was a kid. Go figure.

What’s your favourite childhood meal? Or memory of food? Let’s be kids again, if only at the dinner table.

And don’t forget to include your suggestions for the next location I should take my tastebuds…My palate is living through your travel dreams!

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