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Dulcet Devotion is not about extravagance. It can be, if you like. But really it’s about finding the beauty, the deliciousness in the everyday: A perfectly golden piece of toast, a creamy strong coffee, a cake that pops effortlessly out of the pan without sticking. It can be anything you want. It doesn’t even have to be about food. But for a food lover like me, many of my special moments involve edible delights or culinary experiences and that’s what I tend to focus on here. And travel. As things change in my life, the focus could change here as well, but rest assured there will always be food, always be fun experiences, and always be mouthwatering photographs.

Devotion doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s about putting effort into the things that you love. Like learning a new recipe technique, a word in a new language, or finding fresh healthy ingredients to feed your family.

If it’s sweet, if it makes you swoon, you’re dulcetly devoted.

I believe…

Food is the ultimate indulgence.

Travel is a necessity.

Beautiful spaces save lives.

I say yes to…

Eating in bed.

Rearranging the furniture.



Taking time for yourself – whenever you need it.

Losing track of time in the kitchen (or wherever you find your passion).

And coffee, always.

I won’t settle for…

An uninspired life.


When not devoted to my food related obsessions, I can be found drooling over design blogs, plotting my next adventure/escape from real life, learning about furniture design and refurb, and dreaming about living a location independent lifestyle.

My current obsession: Bread.

My secret travel dream: Eat my way around Italy.

Can’t wait till I can: Create my own online food and travel magazine.

My friends wish I would stop talking about: Recovering found furniture, and the firmness of Hugh Jackman’s behind.

Oh! And I’m a proud Torontonian with dreams of spending winters in Oz. Someday…

Everything tastes sweeter when it is shared with a friend. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about you too? Leave a comment below, find me on Twitter (I looove to tweet) or drop me a line at dulcetdevotion@gmail.com.

With sweetest love,

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