Summer Lovin’ and More Salad!

I am a summer lovin’ girl. Sure, I love that moment in Spring when the sun feels warm again and the trees are suddenly green. I even look forward to Autumn, a time to wear jeans and cute sweaters when the air smells crisp and feels cold against your cheek. But Winter–we can skip right over that one. Except for maybe the way the city looks magically covered in a white blanket of snow and the cheer of the Christmas season. After that, I’m just putting in time until Summer arrives.

Not the best way to live life. I should be taking advantage of every moment and be grateful for each day. I suppose if we take the bone chilling cold out of the Winter equation, I do live a life consisting of more than just putting in time. In fact, this is my favourite time to be in the kitchen.

In Winter, having the oven on all day just adds to your overall comfort, and during the darker months I have a bigger appetite for heavier, hearty meals. And desserts of course. We could never forget those.

Over this past Winter, I really went nuts in the kitchen. I had a blast, tried many new things, and before I knew it, it was time to open the windows and pack away boots and hats. Hooray! But wait–what about my reinvigorated love of all things food? Now all I want to do is play outside.

At first I was having trouble with this. I was struggling with an internal tug-of-war between the kitchen and the beach. Then I remembered what Summer is all about. Taking a deep breath, removing your shoes, and taking things slow.

Summer has been so beautiful here in Toronto that I have been drinking in every moment. I haven’t yet taken the time to reflect on this week’s greens.  But push ahead we must! Salad waits for no man!


Have you been eating yours?


Here are next week’s salads, with a picnic/barbeque twist. Stay tuned here and over on Facebook for a recap of last week’s treasures, as soon as I can wash the sand off my feet and apply some tan extending lotion. And keep coming back because Summer Salad Series is not finished yet! We’ve got many more salads to try!

Grilled Peach, Onion and Bacon Salad–it’s peach season people, go nuts!

Sandra’s Lentil Salad

Chickpeas w/ Feta and Mint –I know, lots of feta and mint this month:)

Have a great week! And keep sharing your salad faves with me.

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  • Relax enjoy and eat fresh food my friend – have fun in the summer sun 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  • I’ve been thinking lately, too, that I’m more of a fall/winter cook 🙂 Seems that this summer I’ve hardly cooked at all, instead opting for the simple, no-cook things, like salads 🙂 Enjoy your beautiful city this summer and I’ll meet ya in the kitchen in a couple of months!

  • I’m happy to say I’ve been eating my salads! And I totally agree with you – I’ve been cooking a lot less and enjoying the outdoors more. I’m taking advantage of every spare second of this summer that I possibly can —-


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