The Dreaded Introductory Post, or more appropriately, Welcome To My Blog!

The first post of a new blog is always a bit awkward isn’t it? This is why I’m here, this is who I am, oh, I’ve never done this before, I hope you like it, blah blah blah…

I do hope you enjoy it, of course, but really, I just want to get straight into it and see how it goes. Feel free to ask me questions, throw suggestions my way (be nice!) and as we go, we’ll find out a bit more about each other. The only thing I love more than creating food and snapping pics of it is sharing recipes and experiences, so let’s chat.

To find out more about me and this blog, check out the About Me tab. Otherwise, let’s get cookin’. Below I’ve posted some pics from where I started, when I first became fully obsessed with capturing my food conquests, to get you up to speed. Wherever possible, I’m going to share recipes with you too, don’t you worry. Come along and join me!

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  • HAI *awkward wave*

    I like it so far!! I like how there is a heavy emphasis on pastry + coffee. Excellent.

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